How often should a Piano be tuned?

Most piano manufacturers recommend that pianos be tuned twice a year,

regardless if it is played or not.


Servicing also prevents mold, insect and rodent damage, or catches it early.


-Piano servicing and tuning requires a wide range of skills and techniques.


I offer Professional piano tuning with the Industry accredition from the Piano Tuners & technicians Guild of Victoria.



Where can I buy a Piano? 


Buying from a piano shop is probably the easiest and safest option.


Buying from Ebay or Gumtree does come with a high degree of risk.


This is where servicing history is very important, as it would be if you were buying a second hand car.


It is alway a good idea to have the instrument independently inspected.




Unfortunately a lot of people seek to off load their sick pianos online.


Often without deceptive intent, how this can be very expensive once transport and tuning/repair costs are paid.

By Benjamin Grant Briggs