A.M.E.B examinations can be taken at my studio once a year, at the beginning of December.

They are conducted by an external examiner at my studio.

​For students who decide to go down the path of preparing for exams each year, they know that they will feel comfortable on exam day in an environment that they are familiar with, and can sit  the examination on the instrument on which they have their lessons. 
​​Examinations are a great way to set a goal for the year, and most people work better towards a deadline.. it gives them something to work towards and keeps them MOTIVATED! 
It also makes the student really polish their work to a standard that they would otherwise not achieve.
It is a great thrill to watch the faces of students when they receive their exam certificates at the end of year concert in front of their family and friends and peers.

They finish the year on a HIGH and  are very motivated to keep going.