At what age do you recommend beginning lessons?


Any time from four and a half onwards is a good age to begin formal lessons.


Lessons are kept light -hearted with much positive reinforcement and praise.

Other activities such as learning basic symbols, clapping, recognizing well known tunes and nursery rhymes, as well as activities on the whiteboard are incorporated into the lesson to keep it fresh , fun and inspiring.

Do I need a keyboard or piano to practise on at home?


Yes, you will need something to practise on after the first couple of lessons. At the early stages however, a small keyboard will suffice, as the focus at the beginning stages is primarily on finger and note recognition.

What about Practising at home?

If you ask a 5 year old child to go and practise it is impossible that he would know what to do? 

Remember, this will probably be the first activity that a child is expected to do in his life, independently. I do not expect preparation from a small child between lessons 

unless there is a person at the home who can sit with the child and supervise. As the child gets older and more independent, daily practise is encouraged.


Do I need to purchase the books?

No, I purchase all the books for all my students and bill the parent.


How do I pay for the lessons?

Lessons can be paid for at the lesson on a weekly basis, or alternatively I can bill you for the term or half term, whatever suits your needs.  I accept cash or cheque to The Paris School of Music. 

What happens if my child is sick or, for some other reason we cannot attend a lesson?


Because you are paying for the time slot

ALL missed lessons must be paid for.


I do, however offer each student One make up lesson per term which can be arranged, if possible during the term.   Alternatively, I allocate the Monday and Tuesday of the first week of the school holidays for making up a missed lesson.